Damavand Eco Camp

Richard McClintock, a Latin scholar from Hampden-Sydney College, is credited with discovering the source behind the ubiquitous filler text. In seeing a sample of lorem ipsum, his interest was piqued by consectetur—a genuine, albeit rare, Latin word. Consulting a Latin dictionary led McClintock to a passage from De Finibus Bonorum...

Price: From 33$ To 200%

Duration: 10 Days
Members: 1 min, Max 12
Availability: April, May, June
Tour Difficulty: 4 of 5
Maxaltitude: 5610
Join/End: Tehran
Activity: 5 days Trekking

Damavand Tour

Until recently, the prevailing view assumed lorem ipsum was born as a nonsense text. “It's not Latin, though it looks like it, and it actually says nothing,” Before & After magazine answered a curious reader, “Its ‘words’ loosely approximate the frequency with which letters occur in English, which is why...

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Tour Difficulty: